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Randy Petres studied Architectural drafting in a vocational program in high school and attended VCU in the School of the Arts. The restaurant industry proved to be more interesting than school and he enjoyed the creativity and customer satisfaction it offered. However, the hours and lifestyle did not allow for family life.

Randy tried commercial construction but after a few years he realized he had no customer satisfaction and zero creativity. However, working and living in the Fan had exposed him to some of the most amazing archictecture he had ever seen. In 1996, he decided to enter the home repair industry.

Randy has worked with so many people over the years, he has learned to communicate with almost anyone. Randy says “I try to educate the client in what I do. I believe if they get some understanding of building techniques, they can appreciate why costs are what they are and have better knowledge of their home. When the client asks a question, “Because that’s how we do it” is NOT an acceptable answer. Most of my clients become more like friends and keep coming back. Some have worked with me on as many as three different houses over a 15-year period.”

Born and raised in Richmond, Randy has been involved in many local charities and other organizations over the years.  As a teenager he attained the rank of Eagle Scout and has volunteered countless hours at the scout camp, T. Brady Saunders, in Goochland County.

Randy has a vocational degree in Architectural drafting and had a home renovation featured in Beautiful Home Remodeling magazine in April 2006.

Randy Petres, a native of Richmond, VA is a licensed Class B contractor.

Petres Inc. is listed with the Better Business Bureau and is a Lead Paint Safe Certified contractor.

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